Ussari Bay Rechargeable

Table-floor and Wall lamp
Ussari Bay

Inner color glass

filter options: green sage, ametista(ruby red), bronze Each comes with a hand-stitched padded case bag

Big Wireless Materials: brass and hand-pulled glass gem

Dimensions: 230x 40x 50 mm

Lamp: LED light system 4,5 Watt 4000 K

CRI>80 color rendering index

Light authonomy: 8 hours Time recharging by supplied 1A recharger with USB-USB cable: 4 hours

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

The Ussari Bay lamps project came to life in 2018. Its name was inspired by a large natural bay located within the Peter the Great Gulf, in the Sea of Japan, originally used as a landfill for all kinds of bottles. Over the years, the incessant action of the sea and winds has eroded and shaped the pieces of glass into beautiful smooth and shiny pebbles. The ogival shape of the bronze structure reminds that of a broken bullet, where, over time, the original content has been replaced by a luminous faceted gem: it’s light versus darkness, my humble and sincere invitation to embrace the concept of peace, to seek beauty everywhere and to live in harmony with Nature. I have also decided to create a rechargeable version of the lamp, eliminating the wire cable and highlighting its sculptural beauty, without affecting its primary light function. The lamp gems are available in different color shades: amethyst (smooth ruby red), sage (smooth dark green), and bronze (smooth brown). Ussari Bay light projects I created are table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and suspended lamps. Transparency, brightness, aesthetic minimalism, preciousness and light are the distinctive features of this family of lamps, whose common trait is the presence of glass and brass. Their design is based on developed light functional sculptures concept over years of my work. 

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