Materials: gold (Au 750/1000), glass

Inner color glass filter: ametista (ruby red) Driver supplier on board

Dimensions: 76x179x454 mm

Lamp: LED light system 3000K
18W undimmable on board (in)* 24W dimmable remote system (out)**

CRI>90 color rendering index

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

If “Ice” was my personal tribute to the immense glaciers and ice- bergs that are so precious for all the living creatures on this planet, Rose is a more intimate, calm and sensual vision of light, a moment of contempla- tion of the rising sun or the “golden hour”.The arctic storm is replaced by sinuous and shiny warm waves, that will add a soft and feminine touch to your living areas.The unique color of this light comes from a filter made of amethyst glass, placed around the light source.The inner design is extremely clean and precise, intended to preserve the purest aesthetic. Rose was also the name of the beautiful girl on the “Titanic” and my lamp is a gentle reminder of icebergs and human beauty.

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