Oxygen Spheres

Oxygen Spheres

Ceiling bespoke installation by different spherical bodies Customizable length of suspension tubes Inner glass light tube.

Lamp: LED light system

CRI>90 color rendering index Dimmable driver supplier on board Customizable length of suspension steel cables and wire

Material: inoxsteel soul, brass fabric hand stitched

Treatment options: brass and gradient bronze Alchemic treatment by precious metals plated on the surface Bronze, silver (Ag 999/1000), yellow/red gold (Au 750/1000)

Diameter options:
Dimension: 300mm 8W 3000K Undimmable driver supplier on board
Dimension: 400mm 12W 3000K Undimmable driver supplier on board
Dimension: 500mm 16W 3000K Undimmable driver supplier on board
Dimension: 600mm 20W 3000K Undimmable driver supplier on board
Dimension: 800mm 28W 3000K Undimmable driver supplier on board

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

The Oxygen Spheres are a collection of light and graceful suspension lamps.Their structure is carefully wrapped with a metallic fabric, a work of high craftmanship. These lamps are extremely light even in their largest versions and are therefore suitable for setting up rooms with plasterboard false ceilings, which cannot support weights. Their metal frames are made of a very thin wire, welded together with great skill to become a strong structure and support for the metal fabric. In order to obtain such perfect spherical shapes, regardless of the hostile and sharp metal fabric covering them, the type of work carried out recalls the haute couture processes and requires the greatest attention for the smallest details. The result of this working process is a sophisticated product with a soft and round volume. The light flooding from the heart of the Oxygen lamps is crossed exclusively by the thin metal veil, which allows an excellent intensity (dimmable in multiple compositions), adding transparency and lightness to day light environments and creating detailed shadows even in the absence of electric light.The lightning element inside is cocooned in a transparent glass cylinder. Available also in different tones of bronze: an elegant and calm palette ranging from brass tone to dark bronze.The fabric of these lamps is coated with layers of precious metals like gold, silver and bronze: the alchemic processes of metals have always been the focus of my entire work as designer and maker. Oxygen lamps are perfect for lightning up the living areas, spacious entry halls, stairwells on more levels. In their smallest combination they are ideal to light up the dinner table.This precious and thick metallic coating triggers the most unexpected colour effects whenever the layers meet. Oxygen bespoke lamps are available in different diameters starting from 30 to 40, 50, 60, up to the maximum of 80 cm.

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