Ceiling installation by different blown glass light bodies.

Glass tube color options: amber, yellow gold

Materials: brass and blown glass

Lamp: mixed LED light system
Dimmable driver supplier on board
Customizable length of suspension tubes

1 Elettra

Dimensions: 560x25x515 mm
16W 3000K
Undimmable driver supplier on board

2 You

Dimensions: 235x25x565 mm
2 G9 bulbs x K 7W each one
14W 220-240V
Reflected light’s type (glass tube)

3 Udo

Dimensions: 230x230x25 mm
8W 3000K
Undimmable driver supplier on board

On request:
4 Ou ( very low light)

Dimensions: 235x25x565 mm
1 G9 bulbs x K 7W each one
7W 220-240V
Reflected light’s type (glass tube)

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

Olimpia Chandelier delivers its light in a smooth and interconnected modality. It’s based on a modularity concept, which allows for different possibilities of customization. Modularity has always been my priority when it comes to the design of lamps and furniture. The original Olimpia combination includes Elettra, Udo, You and Ou models.The first two lights can also be used individually, as they are the brightest lamps of the collection. Olimpia will paint its surroundings with discretion, spreading a gentle palette of gold and amber light. The light in the You and Ou models is only reflected: the inner light creates a polarization between the LEDs and the lowest part of the curve, generating a nuance of light from top to bottom and a gentle combination of the two amber shades of the glass. I carefully choose the curve radius to bend the glass of these lamps, which is subjected to a slow and constant heating along the entire length of the glass tube. The blowing is done with particular care, to guarantee the maximum uniformity of shape, which, in turn, will guarantee a constant light diameter.The cooling of the glass will take a long time, increasing its resilience over the years.The production of these lamps has demanded great craftmanship and an extremely precise design, as they are so amazingly thin, both in their ethereal shape and unique light emission.Beautiful and creative installations can be arranged each time with different and charming light effects, sometimes soft and calm, sometimes especially intense and clear. It’s perfect for lighting up the table center and, in its flexible modular version, it is going to be the bright star in your stairwells, especially when there is an open perspective from floor to floor.These lamps sometimes mix high and low light voltage.

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