Suspended lamp

Undimmable driver supplier on board
Swiveled body shape
Customizable as number of shapes and lenght of suspension tubes

Materials: brass and reflective glass

Dimensions: 200x200x30 mm (shape)

Lamp: LED light system
12W 3000K

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

Maka light project is the result of my continuous experimentation with glass. This floor lamp and hanging lamp utilize the properties of industrial glass, creating an illusorily infinite gallery of nuanced light, withstanding the actual thickness (3 cm) of the light body. Reflections and transparency are the most impressive characteristics of this collection: the mirror-like feature of this lamp enables it to reflect the colors of its surroundings, making it easy to coordinate it with the rest of the furniture. Thanks to the optical effect of the mirror-like glowing glass, the turned-on light Maka floor lamp and ceiling lamp diffusers offer a multiplied depth, both in terms of light and volume of this shape. Modularity and reflections are the most outstanding traits of this light project and reflect a design concept I have been pursuing for years. Maka self-standing lamps and the compositions of Maka suspension lamps, thanks to their intimate reflected light inside the glass body, are the perfect solution as step lights in stairwells, to paint soft light designs around sofas, or as a welcome light at the entrance of the house. They will add a calm and cozy mood to the sleeping room as well. The precious marbles of the floor models Lake and Menhir come from two different geographic areas. The black marble of the floor lamp Lake is Saint Laurent Black, extracted from the homonymous quarry to the south of Occitaine in France. A remarkable marble for its golden and ivory veins, in beautiful contrast with the deep black background. The cylindrical marble base of the self-standing lamp Menhir comes from the Rajasthan quarries in India. It has a unique green color, enriched with an intricated net of brown veins. The base created for these models is unique, no customization options are available. The Maka light project draws its inspiration from Mother Nature, a perfect combo of surprise and phantasy games.

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