Lettera D

Wall lamp
Lettera D

Glass tube color options: amber, yellow gold

Materials: brass, borosilicate blown glass

Dimensions: 76x179x454 mm

Lamp: LED light 3000K
4 G9 bulbs x K 7W each one
28W 220-240V
Direct and reflected light’s type (glass tube)

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

Letter D is based on the same blown glass concept but on a smaller scale: it offers many installation possibilities and it’s perfect for being mounted on walls. The glass tube is available in two different amber shades, which will be the perfect combo for your small rooms or narrow corridors, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere in their surroundings, and, at the same time, a bright and well defined warm light. Thanks to the automated photocell ignition, it is also used as a step light.The name of the wall lamp LD was inspired by the shape it draws on the wall, when the borosilicate tube encounters the brass support. It’s definitely the letter D, my personal tribute to Art Deco and the historical period behind this amazing art and architecture movement, which is a continuous and vital inspiration to my artwork. 

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