Floor lamp

Materials: brass, reflective and blown twisted glass

Dimensions: 5201x360x1620 mm

Lamp: LED light system
4 x G9 bulbs x K 7W each one
28W 220-240V 3000K

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

The starting point of my creative process for the new collection is a single and precise shape: the sphere. The study of its geometric volume and a rational composition of all interlocking elements has guided me towards a very clean and rational design. No technical or mechanical disturbance interferes with the purity of the shape. That’s why I decided to avoid welding and went instead for very precise turnings, to assemble all the pieces. In the creation of the Kepler collection, I had the honor to gather the most skilled Italian artisans using highly advanced cutting technologies (laser-cut and water-jet) but also the more traditional glass hand-blowing and twisting processes. The only and final supervisor during all work phases was the caliper and all measures were to the tenth.

The glass is hand-twisted with fire and it spreads its warm light right from the heart of the lamp. The polished brass surfaces are filtered by the transparency of the glass layer, with a reciprocal exchange of uninterrupted light reflection effects.

The metal of the Kepler lamps goes through several modification phases, which I carried out myself. I try to obtain unique coats and textures, which will reveal themselves on the shiny brass surface, like in a vintage mirror. The symbol of this collection is the reflection and I am searching for its purest form through a modern alchemical approach.

The K30 and K50 floor models, in spite of the volume and weight of the materials used, are extremely light, both in terms of their visual size and specific weight. These floor lamps will enrich the living areas and relax points in the house with elegant light reflections and a touch of personal elegance.

All models of Kepler floor and ceiling lamps are real compositions of the smallest shape, the K15, mounted on different load-bearing structures, housing from 1 (the table lamp and the wall lamp) up to a maximum of 4 lamps, as in the case of the ceiling and self-standing lamps.

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