Wall lamp

Inner color glass filter options: green sage, ametista (ruby red) Driver supplier on board

Materials: silver (Ag 999/1000)

Dimensions: 76x179x454 mm

Lamp: LED light system 3000K
18W undimmable*
24W dimmable*

CRI>90 color rendering index

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

Modularity and technical minimalism are the keys to my personal design concept.  Ice represents a fine example of this concept. The outer surface in a formal mixer of silver on iron, becomes like a blank canvas on which my creativity can flourish and thrive in accordance with the metamorphosis of materials themselves. Glass, like waves of ice, is the glacial landscape of this lamp, similar to precious Iceberg. It is a very bright lamp. Ice and Piet are constructed with resin tips, without screws or any welding.

The Verre collections consist in a new generation of glass and metal lamps, shining like precious light gems embedded in their large bezels. The glass turns into amethyst and quartz, in the shape of a multi-faceted glowing prism. All metal frames are geometrically designed to achieve a neat concept of light modularity. Their monolithic shape and mismatched glass composition recalls the beautiful Art Deco jewels.

I believe the distinctive trait in this collection is the alchemic process on metals. I have chosen brass, silver and iron and altered their surfaces through her personal alchemic approach.

Brass has taken on an unexpected cold tone, as if it were stained by frozen drops of dew. Silver is polished but still porous, thanks to the infusion with iron. Once again matter becomes a living, mutating, unexpected fact, like the skin of a precious fruit digged out of a raw soil, I named like the skin of the light. 

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