Ceiling and Wall lamp

Dimmable driver supplier on board
Swiveled body structure

Materials: blown twisted glass and brass
Customizable in silver (Ag999/1000)*

Dimensions: 1250x30x1250 mm

Lamp: LED light system 20W 3000K

CRI>90 color rendering index

Designed and made strictly with love ♡

The suspension lamp Elda was my first glass lamp, born as a single piece in 2017. The name of this light project is a tribute to my maternal grand- mother, Elda Garrisi, who lived between the 30s and 80s. She was elegant and charming and had a passion for the Art Deco furniture and ornaments, from which this lamp draws inspiration. Resembling the Venetian Murrine, Elda’s hand-twisted glass pole encapsulates an elongated brass section containing a LED light source. Thanks to these stratifications, Elda’s brass looks like melted gold from which light transpires. A dimmable special liquid light, strong but smooth at the same time. Its suspended pole has a reclining junction.

With its 3 cm of diameter, the Elda suspension lamp can be described as a very thin spear of light, and, among all my glass lamps, it is certainly the most versatile for any interior project.

The process of hand-twisting the glass around itself, undoubtedly enhances the charming elegance of this lamp.Thanks to its aesthetic minimalism and technical light features, the Elda lamp coexists with the most diverse interior architectures.

This hanging lamp also comes in a wall version, both vertical and horizontal. Elda suspended lamp is well suited to light up tables and work desks, its light is bright, directional and controlled by a dimmer.

Its powerful light is perfect for dinner time and reading but, at the same time, the suspension lamp Elda will provide a soft atmosphere for your relaxation moments at the end of the day, even in the living areas that enjoy it as a silent protagonist throughout the day.

More elements of the ceiling lamp Elda can be hung together in a cluster, with different inclinations and heights, to stage ample dining areas.Elda lamp is also customizable in silver.

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