our lady

all credits reserved to Baxter, ph Andrea Ferrari
courtesy Balthazar St. Moritz
courtesy ADP Milano, ph Thomas Pagani
all rights reserved to Baxter, ph Andrea Ferrari

our lady

wrapped collection, 2013

Ceiling lamp


Material: oxidized bronze

Dimensions: 1100 x 1100 x 675 mm

Light: 2 LED bulbs 20W 3042lm 3000K


Our Lady (2013) is the biggest piece in the collection,
well fit for spacious environments and period
buildings. Its name is inspired by the classic
iconography of the Madonna, as she is usually
depicted as the brightest and most important
component in paintings and other works of art.
The Our Lady ceiling design lamp is
made in oxidised bronze.


Angela started her Wrapped Collection as a
result of her studies on the effects of organic
oxidation on bronze and on the quirky and
schizophrenic nature of this metal. The marks
left by this process emerge from the underlying
layers thus transforming the original texture
and giving new life to the substance/matter.
Another founding concept of this collection is
the use of concentric circles that mimic the
ripple effect produced by an object dropped
into a calm body of water. To Angela, the circle
is the most interesting and appealing shape.
Its perfect symmetry and natural smoothness
deliver a feeling of tranquillity and
wholesomeness. By overlapping these concentric
circles, Angela plays with the intersections
of the lamp’s structure and creates areas where
light and shadow meet and contrast, at times
highlighting, at times obscuring each other.