oxygen spheres

all credits reserved to Ritzwell&co, art director Roberto Di Stefano, styling Giulia Deitinger, ph Alberto Strada
ph Aditi Varshnei
ph Aditi Varshnei

oxygen spheres

naked collection, 2013-2019

Ceiling lamp


Dimensions: 800x800x800 mm
Materials: bronze/dark bronze fixture gradient fabric with glass tube
LED light system 20,16W 1540lm 2700K

Dimensions: 600x600x600 mm
Materials: silver/dark bronze fixture (Ag 999/1000) gradient fabric with glass tube
LED light system 14,4W 1100lm 2700K


The Oxygen Spheres from the Naked Collection
new edition 2019 are light suspensions, with
which you can create articulate installations
out of multiple elements. This spherical
design lamp’s notable structure is
made of metal fabric and its
polished spherical volume is pierced by a
glass cylinder that lets through the warm
light of its LED column. Oxygen Spheres
are available in three diameters, 80cm, 60 cm
and 30cm, and in combinations of silver/bronze,
red/gold and bronze/dark bronze.