olimpia ensemble

courtesy Fonderie Milanesi and Fiorista Monzani, ph Alessandra Iannello
courtesy Morigi9 Milano, ph Alessandra Iannello
ph Martino Clerici
ph Anna Koivisto

olimpia ensemble

in vitro collection, 2019

Ceiling lamp ensemble

Elettra, You, Ou


Materials: brass, borosilicate glass

Mix light system: 32,13W 2808lm 3000K


The Olimpia Ensemble expresses a
flowing and intertwined way
of delivering light. Suspended
over the volume of a room,
this design light installation resembles
the appearance of a glowing
constellation in a pitch black night.
Olimpia paints its surroundings
with various nuances of gold and amber,
without ever exceeding with the power
of its light. The modularity of the
set allows for the production
of customisable installations.


In Vitro represents Angela’s experimental journey
with industrial glass. Drawing inspiration
from 1920s Art Deco, In Vitro originates in 2018.
The collection, which is entirely hand-crafted,
is characterised by the merging of different nuances
of amber in the LED ridden glass tubes.
In Vitro is a lighting collection made out
of small volumes and distinguished
by its minimalist aesthetic.