all credits reserved to Zanette (Tomasella Group), styling Sara Sarli, ph Riccardo Munarin
ph Aditi Varshnei
ph Aditi Varshnei
courtesy morigi9 and Elena Carozzi, ph Alessandra Iannello
courtesy Wallpepper, ph Giuliano Plorutti


in vitro collection, 2019

Ceiling lamp


Materials: brass, reflective glass

Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 1800 mm

LED light system: 57,6W 4400lm 2700K


The Maka design lamp is the result of Angela’s
experimentation with glass. The project utilises
the properties of industrial glass, creating an
illusorily infinite gallery of nuanced
light. Its mirror-like feature enables it to return the
colors of its sorroundings, making it easy to coordinate
it with the rest of the furniture. Reflections and
transparency are the most notable characteristics of
this piece. Maka can be sold separately or as part
of a customisable installation.


In Vitro represents Angela’s experimental journey
with industrial glass. Drawing inspiration
from 1920s Art Deco, In Vitro originates in 2018.
The collection, which is entirely hand-crafted,
is characterised by the merging of different nuances
of amber in the LED ridden glass tubes.
In Vitro is a lighting collection made out
of small volumes and distinguished
by its minimalist aesthetic.