lettera d

lettera d

in vitro collection, 2019

Wall lamp

Materials: brass, borosilicate glass
Dimensions: 70 x 200 x 240 mm
Light: 2 G9 LED bulbs 14W 1300lm 3000K 220V

The founding concepts of the In Vitro collection are the love for 1920’s Art Deco and the experimentation with twisted glass. Lettera D reduces these ideas to a smaller, more diversely usable shape, perfect for being mounted on walls. The glass tube is available in two different nuances of amber, which can be coupled in a notable combination in corridors or narrow rooms.

In Vitro represents Angela’s experimental journey with industrial glass. Drawing inspiration from 1920s Art Deco, In Vitro originates in 2018. The collection, which is entirely hand-crafted, is characterised by the merging of different nuances of amber in the LED ridden glass tubes. In Vitro is a lighting collection made out of small volumes and distinguished by its minimalist aesthetic.