courtesy Morigi9 Milano
courtesy Morigi9 Milano and Elena Carozzi, ph Alessandra Iannello
ph Martino Clerici


in vitro collection, 2019

Ceiling lamp


Materials: brass, borosilicate glass

Dimensions: 560 x 25 x 515 mm

LED light system: 11,13W 858lm 3000K


The Elettra design lamp stretches the circular shape
of Ou and presents a towering obelisk
of light, which dominates its surroundings.
It’s the brightest piece of the Ensemble
and a true homage to electricity.


In Vitro represents Angela’s experimental journey
with industrial glass. Drawing inspiration
from 1920s Art Deco, In Vitro originates in 2018.
The collection, which is entirely hand-crafted,
is characterised by the merging of different nuances
of amber in the LED ridden glass tubes.
In Vitro is a lighting collection made out
of small volumes and distinguished
by its minimalist aesthetic.