elda silver

all credits reserved to Zanette, styling Sara Sarli, ph Daniele Di Pietro per Riccardo Munarin studio
ph Thomas Pagani
Elda silver detail, ph Aditi Varshnei
all credits reserved to Ritzwell&co., art director Roberto Di Stefano, styling Giulia Deitinger, ph Alberto Strada

elda silver


Ceiling lamp

Hand made glass artwork with
brass body adjustable structure


Material: silver (Ag 999/1000)

Dimensions: 1250 x 30 x 1080 mm

LED light system: 14,4W 1150lm 3000K


Elda, born in 2017 as a single piece, was
Angela’s first glass design lamp. This project
bears the name of her maternal grandmother,
Elda Garrisi, who lived between the 30s
and 80s. Her grandparents’ house remains
a place full of furniture and Art Deco
ornaments, from which this lamp draws
inspiration. Resembling the Venetian
‘’Murrine’’ , Elda’s hand-twisted glass
pole encapsulates an elongated brass
section containing LEDs. Thanks to
these stratifications, Elda’s brass
looks like melted gold from which
light transpires. Its suspended pole
has a reclining junction. This lamp is
well suited to light up a lengthy room,
such as a dining room, with a single
piece. Elda is available in a brass
and bronze configuration as well as
in a more precious silver one.