Artplayfactory is a design studio in the heart of Milan.

Angela Ardisson is a product designer who has been carrying on her creative and design activity since 1987, experimenting with various metals, wood, paper, resin, glass wool and plastic polymers.

Metals are the key factors of one of the most important creative phases of her career and her first creation in iron and brass dates back to 1994.

Yesterday as today, a signature of her projects is the set of lines and chromatic shades due to natural oxidation of metals.

The love of light, including shadows and reflections, is the leitmotif of her work.

For all of this she likes to define her work “the art of living matter”.

Artplayfactory, as its name indicates, has been a real factory since 2000.

Numerous international students as well as young photographers and videomakers participate in projects and workshops that come to life here.

From 2005 to 2010 Angela Ardisson brought together young talents from all over the world in the art design gallery Trace [tras] in Milan. Her intense activity as a talent scouter is still growing.

In Artplayfactory, collections and customized design projects are created for customers from all over the world: lighting, furniture and cladding works for walls and floors.