Angela Ardisson works as artist and designer since 1987. In 2000, with the brand Artplayfactory, she starts cooperating with international students and artists, which whom she shares projects and workshops. Always sensitive to matter as an essential resource to turn a project into a design creation, Angela experimented wood, paper, resin, fiberglass, plastic polymers and metals. The latter become the key factor of the most important phase of her path, as the first iron and brass creations date back in 1995.

Organic oxidations and all the outcomes on metals surfaces, such as drawings and endless chromatic nuances, fascinate the artist and become a distinctive feature of her projects, as a signature.

The love for light, including shades and reflections, is the leitmotiv of Angela Ardisson’s work.

Artplayfactory creates lamps and light installations, furniture and monolithic metal covering for walls and floors, custom projects for clients all over the world.