about me

My name is Angela Ardisson and I am an Italian artist specializing in product design. I have been pursuing my creative and design activity since 1987, exploring the boundless universe of matter. Metals, since 1994, have been the key factor of the most creative moments of my career: brass, iron, bronze, silver and copper melted together and mixed with blown glass. The passion for multi-disciplinary design defines my artistic eclecticism. I have taken part in Milan Design Week/Fuori Salone every year since 1989, often joining more events at the same time.Yesterday as today, I think the most outstanding signature of my art is the combi- nation of lines and chromatic shades due to the natural oxidation of metals, which are organically treated.The love for light, shadows and reflections is the leitmotiv of my entire work, “the art of living matter”. In 2000 I founded Artplayfactory, my workshop and creative studio in Milan, where I currently work and create. I have been collaborating with Baxter since 2013 and my brass suspension lamp Lais is still successfully featured in their collections.

In Artplayfactory‘s artisanal factory, matter is the substance of the compositions, the designing tool and the final artifact all in one gesture. In her furniture, Angela Ardisson always leaves an ulterior possibility for interpretation to the final user. Modularity is a necessary condition for the transformation of the creative gesture into a playful act. Most of our projects provide various compositional possibilities, entertaining unexpected synergies between Artplayfactory and the clients. Angela believes that Art equals experimentation, an everlasting journey through matter. Since 1995 our laboratories have utilized organic oxidation for our creations, with very little environmental danger and in according with the natural processes that metallic surfaces undergo. Over the years these oxidation techniques have become Angela Ardisson and Artplayfactory’s personal trademark. Our products are created thanks to the help of a modern artisanal production chain made of skilled and passionate workers who have been sharing a common goal for yearscreating customisable furniture, that resemble pieces of Art.